Virtual Tours
About this service

Oaksmere Design are always looking for opportunities to improve the service we provide and enjoy working with technological advances. As such, we have invested in a NCTech 360º camera capable of capturing Google Streetview images, with a view to create a virtual tour for our retail client, allowing a walkthrough available from any internet capable device. We incorporate information from the client’s maintenance database within the tour, allowing the user to click on any item while on their walkthrough, to bring up the corresponding Web-based maintenance data page for that item.

To continually improve our service, we have also invested in a Matterport camera. A similar technology to the NCTech camera which allows the creation of a 3D model of the space photographed, as well as a plan view, in addition to the walkthrough tour mode.

• Creation
• Tour
• Improvements
• Options

During the creation process image capture is important during hours of minimal movement. The interface with which the tour is controlled has become more intuitive with additional features now available. Interactive maps allow you to see where you are within the facility, colour coded nodes allow the user to see which image within the tour has clickable links embedded and which type of item they relate to.

The tours have been very well received by our clients and their maintenance departments. Tours can incorporate multiple floors, external facades and back of house areas with equal clarity and depth of information. The option to choose where you wish to be via the map or walk through the store has been commended.

The ability to incorporate feedback from the end users into the interface and tours themselves makes the use of our NCTech camera an excellent tool that can be personalised for each client’s individual use. Ideas that arrive after the tour creation can be included at any time.

The Matterport software has the advantage of self-creation of the walkthrough tour, needing only to have the addition of clickable links added afterwards. Although this solution is possibly not suitable for large scale operations, the Matterport can capture smaller spaces with a lot more clarity and realism. We use this technology to specialise in specific locations in larger stores, or capture entire properties of smaller layouts.