About this service

Oaksmere Design pride ourselves on the ability to support our clients in providing new concept ideas to save energy covering all engineering disciplines. Our team consists of various skillsets which allow us to adapt and support projects from contract management through to installation. These projects include some or all of the following services: -

• Refrigeration
• Electrical
• Controls

We have conducted many projects covering the refrigeration discipline to allow us to prove and perfect performances across the refrigeration cycle. The engineering ability within the team concretes our objectives to smooth running sequences, with the aid of VSD's and control strategies; our commissioning teams experience set allows us to complete projects with excellent precision and financial benefits for our clients, with short pay backs.

Having the ability to design and understand our environment, gives us the advantage to be strategic to support our client's needs. We have been involved in a diverse variety of electrical energy reduction initiatives, these include; LED, PIR and power reduction methods.

Controls are one of our specialist categories, we have a unique understanding of many control system. We also have strong relationships with a variety of control houses, which enables new design concepts to be created and evolve.

Having this understanding of these systems gives us the edge against our competitors and how best to maximise the energy saving. Data building is a vital part of our control proving strategy, which we pride ourselves on. Creating a database platform, which separates the essential elements into an easy read prospectus is a necessity.

We are actively pursuing energy saving opportunities for HVAC equipment. We continue to support our clients offering them solutions with replacement systems or upgrade of existing components which have a considerable reduction in energy while assisting in maintenance issues.